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Soviet Tank Photo

Original WWII Photo Occupied Austria Europe Negative USSR SU-100 Tank Destroyer


1945 Press Photo Russian tank before Soviet Victory Banner, Berlin, Germany


1941 Press Photo Soviet tanks move to face German forces in Moscow, Russia


1968 Press Photo A young Czech carries the flag under gun barrel of Soviet tank


1941 Soviet Anti-Tank Gun Crew in Action WWII Press Photo


1942 Press Photo Soviet anti-tank riflemen take up positions in Stalingrad


Vintage Original Press Photo of WW2 WWII 8X10 SOVIET TANK SEVASTOPAL 69B


WWII US RP- Armor- Russian Tank- T-26 Tank- Japanese Soviet Asian Border- 1938


Military photo USSR Red Army Soviet tank БТР-80 armored vehicle


Photo gun 2С1 или Гвоздика USSR Tank Military Tankman Vintage


Photo self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Шилка USSR Tank Military Tankman Vintage


Military USSR Army soldiers 157pcs photo album Tanks 1975


Photo 2С7 Пион САУ USSR Tank Military Tankman Vintage


- Authentic PHOTO Soviet Tankmen & Tank w BONUS (100% Original Item of 1970's)


1968 Press Photo Soviet Tank slams into Barricade in Prague, Czechoslovakia


Military Russia USSR army Officer soldier Tank album 128 pcs photo


WW2 Soviet Tank & Armored Car Photo Book PARADES OF STEEL Russian +Engl.Captions


1970 Press Photo Soviet Tank & Infantry Troops after Berlin's Fall to Soviets


1972 Press Photo Soviet tank at a campus in Havana - pio05591


1968 Press Photo Soviet Tanks in Invasion of Kluky, Czechoslovakia - mjm06524


1973 Press Photo Soviet T-54 Captured Egyptian Refitted Tanks Added to Israel


1968 Press Photo Soviet tanks invade Prague, Czechoslovakia - piw02322


Military Russia USSR army soldier album 165 pcs photo tank helicopter guns 1976


1962 Press Photo Soviet built tank passes reviewing stand, May day, East Berlin


1974 Press Photo Soviet-made Syrian T-54 tank in Golan Heights, Syria


1956 Press Photo Soviet Tank in Egyptian Military Independence Parade in Cairo


1968 Press Photo Soviet Soldier with Czechoslovak Child with Tank in Prague


1990 Press Photo Soviet tanks loaded on railroad flat cars in Michalovce.


1968 Press Photo Soviet Tanks in North Prague, Sjezdovy Palace, Stromvoka Park


Old Photo Original WWII Soviet Tank. Battle in Russian Field.


1940 Soviet Anti-Tank Gun Tactical Exersises Press Photo


1956 Press Photo Demonstrators & Soviet tanks in Budapest street, Hungary


1968 Press Photo Soviet tanks move past Sjezdovy Palace, Prague - pio01883


1968 Press Photo Column of Soviet tanks lined up in Prague, Czechoslovakia